Preparing For Your Visit

Please read thoroughly and complete the “Patient Registration Packet” and bring it with you to your appointment. This packet includes the following forms:
  • Patient Registration
  • Patient History
  • Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Consent for Involvement
  • Financial Policy
If this paperwork is not completed thoroughly this will delay your care and may even require rescheduling. All necessary forms can be downloaded from the website or picked up at the office in advance.
Please obtain any pertinent medical records, x-rays, MRIs, or scans and bring the records and disks with you to your appointment. If you do not have these items, your appointment will be delayed and may possibly require rescheduling.
Bring your Insurance Card AND Picture ID with you to the appointment. Bring your Insurance Copayment and Any Deductible and/or Coinsurance payment due at the time of service (co-pays may be listed on your card).
We accept cash, check, Visa and MasterCard.


Financial Policy

Thank you for choosing Orthopaedic Surgical Associates, LLC!  We are committed to the success of your medical treatment and care. Please understand that payment of your bill is part of this treatment and care. Any balance older than 30 days is considered to be the patient’s responsibility.
For your convenience, we have answered a variety of commonly-asked financial policy questions below. If you need further information about any of these policies, please call us at 907-374-4463.
Regarding Insurance
It is our goal to provide fast and efficient billing as a courtesy to you. We need your help to accomplish this goal by providing complete and accurate insurance information. Knowledge of your deductible and co-pays is the patient’s responsibility. Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. We are not a party to that contract. If for any reason your insurance coverage changes, it is your responsibility to inform Orthopaedic Surgical Associates in a timely manner. If you fail to inform us within 60 days of the change, Orthopaedic Surgical Associates will not be responsible for filing your insurance. Please be aware that some, and perhaps all of the services provided may be non-covered services. Some insurance companies reduce or deny benefits saying they are not considered UCR (usual, customary, or responsible). Please be advised that our fees are based on a national geographic standard and are, in fact UCR for the state of Alaska.
All deductibles and co-pays are due and payable at the time of treatment
The balance is your responsibility whether your insurance company pays or not. In the event that your insurance coverage changes to a plan where we are not participating providers, refer to the above paragraph.
How May I Pay?
We accept payment by cash, check, VISA and MasterCard.
Do I Need A Referral or Pre-certification?
If your insurance plan requires a referral authorization from your primary care physician or a pre-certification from your insurance, you need to contact your primary care physician or insurance company to be sure it has been obtained. If we have not received an authorization prior to your arrival at the office your appointment may be rescheduled or you may choose to assume financial responsibility in full.
Which Plans Do You Contract With?
Orthopaedic Surgical Associates, LLC accepts most major insurance plans. It is always best for you to contact your insurance company prior to your appointment to see if we are participating providers. We are currently serving as a PPO for Premera. We are in-network with Cigna.
What Is My Financial Responsibility for Services?
It is your responsibility to verify that the physicians and/or facility in which you are seeking treatment are an authorized provider under your insurance plan. A current provider listing should be made available to you by your employer, insurance company or insurance company’s web-site.Your financial responsibility depends on a variety of factors, explained below:


What if My Child Needs to See the Physician?
A parent or legal guardian must accompany patients who are minors during the patient’s visit. This accompanying adult is responsible for payment of the account, according to the policy outlined on the previous pages.
What if I missed my appointment to see the Physician?
We understand that on rare occasions, issues may arise causing you to miss your appointment without the ability to notify our office prior to your appointment. Should you experience any unforeseen circumstance that causes you to miss your appointment, please call our office to have it rescheduled.
Dr. Tamai is committed to your well-being and he has reserved time just for you. Patients that miss more than one appointment, without notifying our office prior to the scheduled appointment, may not be allowed to reschedule.
All patients (parents or guardians) must complete our Patient Information and Financial Policy before seeing the Provider. Thank you for understanding our Financial Policy. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Please allow 3-5 business days for prescriptions to be ready when requesting refills. Do not allow yourself to run completely out of medication before requesting a refill as same day refill requests are not guaranteed.

Prescription Refill Policy

Dr. Tamai reviews all new patient information. We are unable to schedule your appointment until Dr. Tamai has determined that he can provide you with the necessary care required.

New Patient Policy


Dr. Tamai performs all his procedures as outpatient procedures at the Surgery Center of Fairbanks.

Orthopaedic Surgical Associates, LLC complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex. 
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